SomeOne Cares was set up in 1989 by two women who wanted to provide more help for those affected by sexual abuse.
The name comes directly from clients in those early days as they would often say, “It’s good to know someone cares.”
We provide individual (mainly) person centred counselling to those affected by abuse. We feel this is the most effective way of helping people come to terms with their issues, as each persons experience of counselling is individual to them.

In 2008 we were honoured when Philippa Tomson agreed to become our patron and since then we have others who have followed suit and supported the work we do.

After many years of using rooms in multi use buildings including St. Nicholas hospital and Lynwood, we moved into our very own base in January 2013. Located in North Shields, 1 Amble Close which is where we are still based today. We have worked very hard to ensure that Amble Close has a safe and comfortable environment for clients to experience their counselling journey .

Our staff and volunteers work very hard to continue to develop, progress and grow the service.

In 2019 we celebrated 30 years of providing support and the referrals we receive every day are evidence we are still providing a much needed service.

As of today we have over 40 counsellors who dedicate time to SomeOne Cares the rest is history in the making….

Get in touch with us

Phone: (0191) 257 8094

Email: Enquiries@someonecares.org.uk