Our AGM is scheduled between March – April each year, please contact us for more information.

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Yes, we do, we are currently working in 9 high schools and 2 Middle schools at the moment.
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We currently work with anyone from 11 years old.

Unfortunately, due to insurance we do not do home visits, however we may be to offer you Skype counselling.

Yes, we do.

We feel it is really important for you to have the choice of the gender of your counsellor.
We will never ask you to work with anyone you are not comfortable with.

Each session is 50 minutes, each week (ideally same day & time).
We look at each person individually, the length of your therapy depends on your individual needs, we initially offer a minimum of 8 sessions to client with less complex needs.

All our counselling is free (as long as you meet our criteria).

Once your assessment is complete we will start looking for you a counsellor.
We aim to do this within a minimum of 12 weeks, once a counsellor has been matched we will give you a call and make your first appointment.

An initial assessment is so we can find out a little about you this is so that we can make sure we are the right service for yourself.
We also feel it is important for you to find out about us so you also know that we are right for you.

If you would like counselling with us the first step would be to make an appointment for an assessment.
You can do this yourself here or you can ask someone to do this on your behalf.

Counselling is strictly confidential and everything discussed will be kept between you and your counsellor.
Except for some specific circumstances which will be discussed at your assessment and again in your first counselling session.

The majority of our counsellors are qualified with a minimum of a foundation degree in counselling or equivalent,
we do have a small percentage of counsellors who are in their final year of study.

SomeOne Cares provides counselling to any one from the age of 11 years old who have been effected from any type of abuse or is a supporter of someone who has been effected by abuse. We will work with anyone no matter their race, gender, sexuality or religion.

SomeOne Cares will not tolerate abuse to any of their counsellors and reserve the right to refuse counselling to anyone at any time without prior warning.

We do not knowingly work with perpetrators of abuse and if this information is disclosed in assessment or counselling session the client will be asked to leave and if possible signposted onto the relevant services.

Counselling offers you the time and space to explore any worries and anxieties,
at SomeOne Cares we offer you a safe environment to do this where you will be listened to and accepted.
Counselling is not about giving advice but your counsellor can help you explore what decisions are right for you.

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Phone: (0191) 257 8094

Email: Enquiries@someonecares.org.uk