About Us

SomeOne Cares are a counselling organisation who work with anyone regardless of their gender who are a survivor or are supporting a survivor (from 11 years plus), whose live’s have been negatively affected by experiencing or witnessing any type of abuse including domestic violence and neglect.  We specialise in childhood sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault.

We understand that counselling can be scary and for this reason we try to make your time with us as comfortable as possible.

We offer:

  • A 30 minute assessment appointment at one of our 3 locations*
  • A warm and friendly environment at all times
  • Free confidential one to one counselling
  • A dedicated counsellor throughout your therapy
  • An option of male or female counsellors
  • We can offer Telephone, video call or Face to face appointments

*We have a venue in North Shields, Blyth and Sunderland, please click on the links to see where we are.

We occasionally are able to offer group counselling sessions, please ask us about this for further information.

We do not knowingly work with anyone who is a perpetrator of abuse. We are happy to discuss this with you further if requested.

Get in touch with us

Phone: (0191) 257 8094

Email: Enquiries@someonecares.org.uk